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Show current team load

Anton Piatek (3196) | asked Jul 11 '08, 3:15 a.m.
I am looking for a view much like the plan view which shows how many hours are planned for the current release but also shows how many hours are available by the team to actually work. I only want to see the hours that contributors have available this iteration, stakeholders should not be counted.

The team load view shows each team members load (although i cannot find a way to limit it to just show contributors and not stakeholders), but what about a view that shows the sum of all that data?

Does anyone know if such a view exists?

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Johannes Rieken (1.2k1) | answered Jul 14 '08, 5:04 a.m.
Does anyone know if such a view exists?

No, such a view currently does not exist. I filed
to track this. Feel free to comment on that work item.

Cheers, Johannes
Agile Planning Team

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