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RQM v3.0.1 roles/permission changes

Robert Stephenson (81128) | asked Oct 24 '11, 4:32 p.m.
Since we migrated to v3.0.1 from v2.0.1.1 iFix 3, I've noticed some of the roles/permissions we had have changed (at least that is my perception).

Specifically, we created a testlead role and granted that role the permissions to manage teams:

Process->Save Project Area->Modify the collection of Team Members

This is defined at the Project level. Now the testleads are not able to manage their teams through the
test plan->test team->manage team button.
Could this be related to a migration failure I'm unaware of? (The migration was done by the IT team and not me.)

On a related note, I do not want the permissions to be set below the project level (ie. team or iteration level). Too many levels to remember which one has which access. What is the best way to ensure the project level is the only level of permissions being recognized? Do I need to select the "Final" check box for each area?


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Robert Stephenson (81128) | answered Nov 16 '11, 1:50 p.m.
A follow-up and new question:

- The project level permissions are the only ones that are in effect
- Be sure to check your EVERYONE settings (that was my biggest problem)

I'm still not quite understanding the new permission Save Execution Result State and Save Execution Result->Edit Actual Result. I am seeing behavior where both are checked but the user cannot change the state. They get a permission denied error saying they cannot "edit actual result". What I've found is that for the change to be saved they must also have Save Execution Result->Archive.

Is this true? I thought "archive" meant "delete" - which is something I want to restrict. Could someone confirm?


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