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Use role-based customizations for work items

Judith Broadhurst (5115151) | asked Sep 28 '11, 6:15 p.m.
Advanced customizations in Rational Team Concert project area, Part 2

By Seema Gupta (, Project Manager, Smart Deployment Factory, IBM

Part 2 explains how to customize work items according to roles that team members are assigned to in IBM Rational Team Concert collaborative project management software. You will create a role-based value set and associate it with the Defect type of custom work item that you created in Part 1.

Part 1. Create a custom work item in Rational Team Concert

You can customize or add entirely new work items in IBM Rational Team Concert project management tools to fit your team's needs. The team in this example uses agile development methods and the scrum process. Their project is highly dynamic, so they need to closely monitor potential risks. In following this article, you will create and test a fully functional, new type of work item called Risk, using the Rational Team Concert Eclipse client, rather than the web client. Thereafter, because there is a an additional type of work item added to the project called Risk, you can create and track more types of Risk work items using Rational Team Concert.

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