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BIRT Report won't load - Vague Error Message

Cecil Beeland (1133) | asked Sep 13 '11, 1:50 p.m.
I'm developing some custom BIRT report templates for RTC and I've run into a frustrating issue. The report loads fine, and performs properly on one of our servers, as well as in the Eclipse previewer. However, when I load it onto our other server, the report fails to run, and all I'm left with is this descriptive error message:

"Error happened while running the report"

We've checked the log files for more descriptive errors and haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. With the report working fine in the Eclipse previewer, and also on one of our other servers, I'm at a loss as to why we would be having problems. As far as the problem environment is concerned, we have successfully added other reports to it, and other reports work fine.

Any ideas?

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Cecil Beeland (1133) | answered Sep 13 '11, 3:09 p.m.
I should add that we're working with
RTC ifix 2
BIRT 2.3.2

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