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Configuration Error: Label is not correctly configured:

Majid I (2664) | asked Jun 22 '11, 2:24 p.m.
We see this error:
"Configuration Error: Label is not correctly configured:"

under the "Links" section of a custom Workitem on the Links tab.
The WI is created using CQ Connector. There is always a link value such as:
-External connection
<->Synchronization status for CQ:cq.repo.cq-record:ChangeRequest/36119482@TestConnection/Test:OK

We started seeing the error after upgrading from RTC to 3.0. We still see the error after upgrading to RTC 3.0.1 RC5

Has anyone seen this error ? any suggestions on how to fix? I suspect something is not set correctly in the editor presentation but I am not sure.


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Majid I (2664) | answered Jun 23 '11, 3:42 p.m.
Setting the label below for the custom workitem fixed the issue:

Open Project-> Process Configuration ->Editor Presentation->Links->Links-
>Links->Non-Attribute-based Presentation->Label(optional):

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