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RTC Template and encoding

Sylvain LEQUEUX (2132628) | asked Mar 23 '11, 6:21 a.m.

We created our process template which contains special character (french character such as '' or ''). We developped this template using a test instance of RTC and need to transfert it to the production environment.

The procedure to follow is to export the template to a ZIP archive and import it in the destination instance of RTC.

My problem appears in the import action. When I import it from the eclipse based client, the template is correct, but when I import it from the web UI client, all the special character have been corrupted.

For example, '' becomes ''.

Do you have any idea where it could come from ? I already check that my web browser is in UTF-8 charset.


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Sylvain LEQUEUX (2132628) | answered Mar 24 '11, 10:10 a.m.
I tried exporting and re-importing the process template in the same browser instance in the same environment with no change in the configuration. The encoding is still in error.

I think there could be a bug while uploading the ZIP archive.
In fact, the ZIP archive contains files in UTF-8 and seems to be interpreted in another charset (the character '' encoded in UTF-8 is interpreted as '' in ansi charset).

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