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How can I merge an archived user-id with an active user-id?

Harald Lahner (28810) | asked Feb 14 '11, 5:11 a.m.

we are using RTC v2.0.0.2 iFix 5 with LDAP for authentication and have a problem with an user-id. Initially a lowercase user-id was created (mke...) and the user worked with it. After that the case-insensitive property was set to true and somehow a uppercase user-id (MKE...) was created.
Now the user was unable to access RTC at all. We tried to archive one of the user-ids. For some reason we are only able to archive the old, lowercase user-id.

Is there a way to merge the two user-id's, since RTC seems to prefer only to work with the new uppercase user-id?


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Harald Lahner (28810) | answered Feb 16 '11, 10:09 a.m.
I have investigated a little bit and found out, that the user-ids are described in the DB2 table CONTRIBUTOR. There I also see the lowercase and uppercase user-ids.

Is there any guidance on how to modify the owner of queries, workitems and so on, based on the cryptic user-id identifiers?

And first of all, which one is the correct identifier? I suspect it is CONTRIBUTOR_ITEMID, but I'm not sure yet. Or is it one from the CONTRIBUTOR table in the REPORITORY schema?

Thanks for any hints!

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