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Temporary disable e-mail alerts before WI comment

Tom Roach (2121) | asked Feb 04 '11, 10:18 a.m.
I'm using the Java API to add a comment to a workitem as follows


* Generate a working copy of the work item which can be modified.
WorkItemWorkingCopy workingCopy = workingCopyManager.getWorkingCopy(workItemHandle);

IWorkItem workItemToBeModified = workingCopy.getWorkItem();

* Get the comments create a new one, and save the change.
IComments comments = workItemToBeModified.getComments();
IComment comment = comments.createComment(myRepository().loggedInContributor(), XMLString.createFromXMLText(commentText));

I use this to add a comments to multiple workitems, each comment containing references to all the others: i.e.
"Task 12345, Task 67891, Defect 76543"etc so that a user can read the comment in one workitem and be able to click the Task Numbers to get to the others.
But because it's a link, anybody with with e-mail alerts for mentions links who is subscribed to all the workitems gets a LOT of e-mail.

My question - is it possible to silently create these links without firing the event for the mentions link which sends the e-mail out?
Or is it possible to temporarily disable the event listener which picks up the Mentions Link creation before I make the comment, then reinstate it afterwards?

Any suggestions?

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permanent link
Tom Roach (2121) | answered Feb 11 '11, 8:50 a.m.
Any feedback on this at all? Perhaps just a pointer in the right direction?

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