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Maven and Jazz

zam bak (111) | asked May 02 '08, 10:39 a.m.

Is there any documentation on how to transition or integrate Maven into Jazz?

Or simply, is there "Jazz for Maven Users" document available?


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Ryan Manwiller (1.2k1) | answered May 06 '08, 1:03 p.m.
I assume you are asking how to do Jazz-based builds with Maven?

If so, there is not a document at this time. However, I anticipate creating
an example on the wiki very soon.

Assuming you have a working maven build, you can easily connect it to jazz
build like this:

Create a new build definition, choosing "Maven - Jazz Build Engine" in the

On the Maven page of the definition, specify your project location, goals,
and maven home.

Make sure there is a supporting build engine checked in the definition

Start the jazz build engine specifying the id of the supporting build engine
you checked.

The build should execute and invoke your maven build.

If you need help with the basics of creating a definition and build engine,

If you want to publish artifacts, report progress, etc from your maven
build, you will need to use the build toolkit ant tasks by using the maven
antrun plugin. To do this, you need to udpate your maven/bin/m2.conf file
with this:

load C:\buildtoolkit\*.jar
load C:\ant\lib\*.jar

Of course, update the paths for your system.

Then, you can specify something like this in your pom file:




Finally, you will notice the ant snippet is referencing properties such as
buildResultUUID and repositoryAddress. You need to add the following to the
Java VM arguments field on the Maven page of the build definition:

-DbuildResultUUID=${buildResultUUID} -DrepositoryAddress=${repositoryAddress}

Ryan Manwiller
Jazz Team Build

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