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How to get an IConfiguration from IChangeSet?

Ernest Crvich (19211917) | asked Jan 31 '11, 10:07 p.m.
I have an IChangeSet retrieved from an IWorkItem. I can get the IFileItem from this without a problem. However, in order to get the full path to the file, I need an IConfiguration object so I can use locateAncestors() or determineAncestorsInHistory().

Presumably this would come from the IWorkspace (or rather the IWorkspaceConnection for that workspace) that the IChangeSet is associated with.

So I guess the real question might do I obtain the workspace associated with a changeset?

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Ernest Crvich (19211917) | answered Feb 24 '11, 11:27 a.m.
Unfortunately, the configuration() method in IWorkspaceConnection returns an IWorkspaceConfiguration object instead of an IConfiguration object. The former does not provide the method determineAncestorsInHistory().

Turns out there's another version of configuration() down in IFlowNodeConnection that takes a component handle as an arg and returns a regular IConfiguration object. Thanks to John for pointing this out!

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