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Need advice on setting up mapping for RTC-CQ synchronization

Rachel Huang (361110) | asked Dec 02 '10, 1:59 p.m.
We are trying to setup RTC 3.0 with ClearQuest synchronization. In the CQ schema, we have some dependent fields. For example, the highest level is project. A project is consist of a set of components, and different projects have different components. Then, a component has different sub-systems, and each sub-system has a set of versions.

Right now, we have a stateless record called Project, to create new projects, and stateless record Component to create new components that are part of a project. The component record has the information below it.

What is the best way to customize RTC to accomplish this and enable synchronization? Do we setup dependent enumeration fields in RTC, and manually put all the values available now, and later on, when new project/component/sub-system/version are created in CQ, we update the values in dependent list?


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Lorelei Ngooi (1.5k22) | answered Dec 06 '10, 9:42 a.m.
Setting up dependent enumeration fields would be the way to go and you would need to update them manually with new values.

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