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Possible cookie problem with plain-java client API

Steven Pogue (7142) | asked Aug 13 '10, 12:46 p.m.
We are trying to use the client API package to access a machine running RTC on WAS 6.1 which has its SSO domain configured for whereas the client and server are running on * hosts. We are getting an error out of the HTTPClient code underneath It suggests that the CookiePolicy used (and defaulted) is too stringent (RFC2109). Is there a way to set this to a value like BROWSER-COMPATIBILITY? Or is there another means to circumvent this problem?

Thanks, Steve

Error logged:

Cookie rejected: "$Version=0; LtpaToken2=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; $Path=/; $". Domain attribute "" violates RFC 2109: host minus domain may not contain any dots

CRJAZ0107I An unexpected error was caught invoking the service "". The server is requesting authentication even though we just authenticated successfully. Please check your server configuration.

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Dong Young Kim (1931820) | answered Oct 14 '11, 3:53 a.m.
If a servlet (login succeeded, not by TeamPlatform.login()) want to use plain-java client API to add attachements to a workitem, then I'd like to know if you bypassed the login with JSESSIONIDSSO cookie or it still needs Teamplatform.login() or can we work around Teamplaform.login(). Thx in advance.

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