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Adding custom filters in plans

Steve Willems (8811311) | asked Jul 27 '10, 9:55 a.m.

Has anyone an idea of where I can find some docs on how to define filters in the planModes? One of the things I try to do for example is to add a filter to hide all items except for stories and defect to use as my release notes view.

I'm able to add a custom filter but I cannor configure it.
Where can I find info which filter it can implement or what parameters to pass.

<configuration-data xmlns="" id="">
<filter id="my.apt.common.ui.filter.test" implementation="" name="myFilter">
<parameter key="field" value=""/>
<groupmode id="_rWIXsCtxEd-r3IqQQDxJFA" implementation="" name="Project">
<parameter key="attribute" value=""/>
<sortmode id="_d9GwsF28Ed-Qv5E7tXsh_Q" implementation="" name="Project">
<parameter key="attribute" value=""/>


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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Apr 19 '11, 11:12 p.m.
In RTC-3.0.1, you can add custom filters, but you have to do it through
the Web UI, not the Eclipse UI. I believe the same was true for RTC-3.0.


On 4/19/2011 12:53 PM, stevewillems wrote:
Relaunch to check whether this is now possible in RTC 3?

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Steve Willems (8811311) | answered Apr 19 '11, 12:42 p.m.
Relaunch to check whether this is now possible in RTC 3?

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