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weblogic server be used with RTC

babu vijay prasad kamineni (7623016) | asked Jun 29 '10, 12:01 p.m.
Can weblogic server be used with RTC for deploying java based applications?

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Florian Georg (19031918) | answered Jun 29 '10, 5:53 p.m.
Not sure I understand correctly:

Do you want to know if Weblogic is an officially supported platform for the RTC 2.x server?
If so, I assume the answer is no, as seen here:
(although I can't see a reason why it should not run inside a standard servlet container.... it is just simply not covered by the official IBM support SLA, currently)
Please file a WorkItem if this is something you would like to have in the future...

If you want to know if you can use RTC to develop JEE apps that need to be deployed on a WLS --> (yes) as RTC integrates with Eclipse, but JEE development tools are provided by 3rd party plug-ins like Eclipse WTP or IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD).

Hope that helps

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