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RAM installation - Clusterd env

Ved Prakash (41129) | asked May 31 '10, 11:55 a.m.

I have to install RAM in a cluster but I can't find any good documentation on RAM installation in cluster. Whatever I found is so complex and confusing. I had rcently installed 3 RAM in standalone without any issues.

The cluster has 2 physical machines, 1 IHS machine, 1 proxy server all of them are zLINUX. The app server is WAS The cluster comprised of -
machine1 - has 3 WAS profiles - Dmgr, App01 and stand alone App02 for RTC.
machine2 - has 2 WAS profils - App01 and standalone App02 for RTC.

The DB is on another machnine.

Based on a document I started the install. I dployed it under Dmgr per the document.

Do I need to install RAM under all the profiles.?

Does any one has any document or expereince to share?

Any help will be appreciated?


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Rajasimhan Mandayam (381144) | answered Jun 01 '10, 12:12 p.m.
what version of RAM is it, i am assuming 7202

Pre-requisites for a cluster environment
1. Login to admin console and create a cluster (it can have just one app server), call it say RAMCluster.
2. Also create an app server that is not part of any cluster, for RTC (RAM installs RTC2002 under the covers and RTC does not support clustering)
Call the app server for RTC, say RTCServer.
3. Make sure the RAMCluster & RTCServer are up and running via the admin console.
4. Make sure all the nodes are fully synchronized.

Installation instructions for cluster
1. Install RAM Server Setup 7202 on the Dmgr node, by following these instructions

2. Goto admin console and verify that the application '' is started

3. you can access this application via the URL
http://localhost:9060/ram.setup (note the same host & port that you use for admin console)

4. Follow the steps in ram.setup and complete the install.

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