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problems with reloading out-of-sync projects

Attila Mate (7184) | asked May 26 '10, 11:30 a.m.

Our project areas contain several components, and each has its own directory structure containing eclipse projects. Because of this we have to use "Load the selected folders and create Eclipse projects for projects found within the selected folder hierarchy" advanced option when loading a repository workspace. If a component becomes out of sync, and developer reloads it, this advanced option is not used by reload, and a .project file will be created in the component's root directory, and our eclipse projects will be gone, replaced by one eclipse project for the component which was just reloaded.

Is there any way to make RTC "remember" the load options used originally used and have reload use them again? Also is there any way to change default Advanced option in Load Repository Workspace dialog so our developers won't forget to change it?

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Attila Mate (7184) | answered May 31 '10, 8:20 a.m.
I've created defect 116420 for this issue.

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