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Deliver (client) vs. Deliver (server)

Derrick Babb (1611) | asked May 13 '10, 4:08 p.m.
Under Process Configuration -> Source Control, what is the difference between "Deliver (client)" and "Deliver (server)." I had setup the "Require Work Item Approval" precondition under "Deliver (server)" and it would not work, reporting that I did not have the necessary approvals when I did. I switched to using the same precondition under Deliver (client) and it works as expected. What's going on with that? Thanks! -DTB

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Jean-Michel Lemieux (2.5k11) | answered May 13 '10, 9:01 p.m.
Depending on which client you are using, some process rules can be run client side or server side. Anything enforced on the client can easily be bypassed by the user, whereas server side enforcements are more robust and can't be bypassed. Historically most of the enforcement was on the client and we've been moving them to the server.

There are however roles for client side rules, for example those that are specific to your IDE or client environment. An example would be, check that I've run JUnits or that my last compile doesn't have any errors.

What you describe though with the server deliver seems like a bug. If you have steps to reproduce, I'd open a bug report.

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