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Support to delete work item / requirement

Philippe Krief (561255) | asked Apr 24 '07, 4:55 p.m.
Do you expect to allow the repository administrator to really remove a
work item or a requirement from the database. This can but needs not
include references from or to the work item to be removed. Maybe
"archive" work items, too?
Background are work items created due to GUI misuse or lack of
communication (work item created twice) etc.

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Christof Marti (681) | answered May 08 '07, 5:14 a.m.
We currently do not support deleting work items, that would require either robustness against dangling references or a reliable way to remove existing references to the deleted items. We have avoided that additional complexity so far. One issue with deleting work items would be the loss of auditability. "Archiving" would be less intrusive solution, but we haven't investigated that.



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