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How must a delivery session to deliver one stream to another in DNG via API have to looked like?

Antje Rößle-Tuchel (192) | asked Jan 31, 5:16 a.m.

 A change set in stream A was created. This change set is delivered via API to the stream A. The task tracker response of the delivery session is: completed and passed. Afterward the stream A is delivered via API to stream B. This works fine, if it is a new requirement artifact (also completed and passed). But if the requirement artifact was changed before on stream B, the delivery from stream A to stream B failed, if the delivery option "dominant source attribute" is used.

Here is the code to update the before created delivery session:

PUT https://example/rm/delivery-sessions/_WnjtkKoPEe6yg5uwBuHkhQ
OSLC-Core-Version: 2.0
Accept: application/rdf+xml
Content-Type: application/rdf+xml
Configuration-Context: https:/example/rm/cm/stream/_QznE4NzuEe2T6KW9b8u7AA

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    xmlns:dng_config ="">
  <dng_config:DeliverySession rdf:about="https://example/rm/delivery-sessions/_WnjtkKoPEe6yg5uwBuHkhQ">
    <dng_config:deliverySessionState rdf:resource=""/>
    <dng_config:source rdf:resource=" https://example/rm/cm/stream/_QznE4NzuEe2T6KW9b8u7AA "/>
    <dng_config:target rdf:resource="https://example/rm/cm/stream/_y2jtMNzrEe2T6KW9b8u7AA"/>
    <dng_config:DeliveryPolicy  rdf:about="">
        <dng_config:dominantSourceAttribute rdf:resource="https://example/rm/types/AD_uxZHl9kaEe2T6KW9b8u7AA"/>
        <dng_config:dominantSourceAttribute rdf:resource="https://example/rm/types/AD_uxZHmtkaEe2T6KW9b8u7AA"/>
        <dng_config:dominantSourceAttribute rdf:resource="https://example/rm/types/AD_uxZHmNkaEe2T6KW9b8u7AA"/>
        <dng_config:dominantSourceAttribute rdf:resource="https://example/rm/types/AD_uxZHmdkaEe2T6KW9b8u7AA"/>
        <dng_config:dominantSourceAttribute rdf:resource="https://example/rm/types/AD_uxZHm9kaEe2T6KW9b8u7AA"/>
        <dng_config:dominantSourceAttribute rdf:resource="https://example/rm/types/AD_uxZHltkaEe2T6KW9b8u7AA"/>
        <dng_config:dominantSourceAttribute rdf:resource="https://example/rm/types/AD_uxZHlNkaEe2T6KW9b8u7AA"/>
        <dng_config:dominantSourceAttribute rdf:resource="https://example/rm/types/AD_JJaLkNzpEe2T6KW9b8u7AA"/>
        <dng_config:dominantSourceAttribute rdf:resource="https://example/rm/types/AD_uxZHldkaEe2T6KW9b8u7AA"/>

I think something is missing in the body. Have anyone an idea what this is?

Ralph Schoon commented Jan 31, 7:50 a.m.

It would be useful to get more information than "failed". What is the information in the task tracker? I think the merge conflict might not be treated correctly.

I don't know from if you have to send the OSLC header. Can't tell from the specification. Should not make a difference, but I have seen issues with incorrect headers in the past.

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Antje Rößle-Tuchel (192) | answered Feb 07, 2:41 a.m.

With the help of a colleague I have found out how it works. This line

<dng_config:DeliveryPolicy  rdf:about="">

have to be changed to:



<rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>

With this change it seems, the delivery works. All deliveries I tried have "passed" yet.

Perhaps you can update the document page: accordingly?

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