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Merge duplicate entries in reports with several artifacts

Dominic Pietzka (11) | asked Oct 24 '23, 8:53 a.m.

I created a report that shows me test cases with belonging requirements and execution results.
The requirements are based on different artefacts in Doors.

Now I have the problem, that the report list have a lot of dublicate entries and I would like to have only one entrie for test case ID and the belonging requirements. 

It works well in case a use only one artefact and use the custom expression feature "group" for the requirement IDs.

At the moment:
ID1 .. Requirement 1
ID1 .. Requirement 2
ID1 -- Requirement 3  

Should be:
ID1 .. Requirement 1;2;3
ID2 .. Reuqirment xy

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