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No diagram configuration when export throught DNG view

Gauthier DASSE (361) | asked May 22 '23, 11:09 a.m.

Context :
I am following this explanation :, and using the attachment at the bottom of the page.

Following the tutorial, I want to export my DNG view throught RPE. So I configure my data source with the url

Note : elements surrounded by __ are replaced by differents id

Because I want to export the view in differents stream, I add the configuration at the end

So my URL looks like this :

But there is a problem. The configuration is not working for the diagram. In other words :
- I have a diagram A in my main stream.
- I create a new stream X based on it.
- I update diagram A to diagram B in my stream X.
- I export the view of my stream X with RPE.
In the result, I still have diagram A, while I would have wanted diagram B!

Any ideas how I could fix this ?

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Gauthier DASSE (361) | answered May 24 '23, 4:54 a.m.

Ok I found out my problem thanks to you. In my canva, I was adding the configuration in the url in the data source configuration. But I forgot that RPE can force to be in one specific context in the dsx. In that way, RPE does not need to have the configuration in parameter in the URL.

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Gauthier DASSE commented May 25 '23, 4:24 a.m.
For those who do not get it : there are two way to specifies the contexts in ELM.
The first one (which I used) is to set a parameter in the url (vvc.configuration).
The other one is to add a parameter in the header of the request (Context-Configuration).

My problem was that I was not able to add the configuration in the URL. Because RPE allows us to use the second way I can access to the good configuration without modifying my URL. Do to so, we just need to set the property Context Configuration, either in the .dsx or in Data source configuration in the .dta.

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Karan Dethalia (561) | answered May 24 '23, 2:49 a.m.

Please make sure you are adding the correct configuration context parameter in your url.
You can copy the artifact link and in Launcher right click on data source >> Configure Data Source >> Click on Find in left corner >> Enter the web url and click on configure . This will prepare the datasource url on the basis of the artifact link which you can use to generate the document.

Gauthier DASSE commented May 24 '23, 4:23 a.m.
Because I have the correct artifacts, I am sure I have the good configuration.
The problem seems like it is a bug in ELM, because the export give me the images but without the configuration. Because it is a richtext, I do not know how to edit it to add the configuration myself.

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