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Errors Migrating Vertical Links Between Tier'd Requirements into DOORS Next from DOORS 9.6

Andrew Oltorik (151) | asked Jan 26, 8:50 p.m.

 Hi all,

I'm in the process of migrating requirements from DOORS 9.6 to DOORS Next 7.0.1 & 7.0.2. Our requirements are contained in two tiers with vertical links between them. We have tried generating a DOORS 9.6 migration package with the two tiers of requirement modules and a third module with the links -- this resulted in several errors upon import into DOORS Next 7.0.1:

On the Report for import of ReqIF Package:
  • Attribute Definitions, Artifact Types and Data Types were successfully added
Artifact Types...
  • 4x  "Failed to update resource ... ; status received = 404..."
  • 2x  "Could not create entry for ... using service types; 403 Propagated exception..." 
Artifacts Not in Module
  • 4x  "Failed to update resource ... ; status received = 404..."
  • 2x  "Could not create entry for ... using service types; 403 Propagated exception..." 

Do these errors make sense considering the import package contained a module with vertical links between the requirement modules? Is DOORS Next equipped to import vertical links?

Thank you!

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Marie-Emilie Bion (353) | answered Jan 27, 3:04 a.m.

because we need to migrate complete DOORS projects, such as modules + links to requirements, we performed tests on the package reqif between DOORS and DNG and DOORS NEXT 7.0.2. It turns out after testing that this type of migration does not work. Today, we have not found a solution to migrate several linked modules at once: we transfer the modules one by one and redo the traceability by hand.

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Ian Zimmermann (11) | answered Jan 27, 7:07 p.m.

 with respect to the response by Marie-Emilie:  when you use ReqIF to migrate your data from D9 to DNG you MUST include the Source Module, Target Module, AND the appropriate Link Modules.   This can be a challenge if your links are across Projects.  (It requires creating a higher-level project and converting the sub projects to folders)

ReqIF (from D9) is NOT designed to incrementally recreate the links.  Everything has to be in a single package.

with respect to the original issue/question:
Are you using/creating Migration packages or ReqIF packages?  Above you state 'the Report for import of ReqIF package'....
IF you are using ReqIF, please see my note above.

If you are using Migration (similar but different mechanism to ReqIF) then it should be able to recreate your links even if you add the Source/Target Modules incrementally.  The Migration utility was designed to retain the source/target link information back in v602 such that if use multiple migration packages, DNG would recreate those links as additional modules were migrated. 
NOTE: this only works if the Source & Target Modules are in the same D9 Project.   IF the links span Projects, then you need to follow the same guidance listed above (creating a higher level Project, add the sub Projects and convert them to Folders)
NOTE: you indicated v701 and v702.   Please use v702 if possible.  There were some migration issues in v701 regarding links (as well as some others)...but I cannot recall which iFix these were addressed in.

See example:

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