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DNG : Get view details

Jean-François CHAPELLE (132) | asked Jan 21, 3:03 a.m.

 After my question "DNG : OSLC query to get views in a module" (thank you to Ian Barnard), the request return an XML response such as :

<dng_view:ViewDefinition rdf:about="https://agsrm-2ap.snm.snecma:9443/rm/views/_6wtqUXp8EeyObI8OVYXKiQ">
                <dcterms:title>99- Scoped for _no_req module</dcterms:title>
                <dng_view:shared rdf:datatype=""
                <dng_view:scopedArtifact rdf:resource="https://agsrm-2ap.snm.snecma:9443/rm/resources/_S2aDAXReEeyHkLt7-dDpOQ"/>
                <dng_view:applicability rdf:resource=""/>
                <acp:accessControl rdf:resource="https://agsrm-2ap.snm.snecma:9443/rm/accessControl/_tjuZcFQNEeyHkLt7-dDpOQ"/>
                <oslc:serviceProvider rdf:resource="https://agsrm-2ap.snm.snecma:9443/rm/oslc_rm/_tjuZcFQNEeyHkLt7-dDpOQ/services.xml"/>

In this response we find the URL :


I guess this URL allows to reach the view definition, but when use it (with Postman, for example), the response to the request is "Error 403: Forbidden, CRRRS1602W The operation is forbidden".

I also added the configuration context to the request, with "oslc_config.context", but the response is still "403".

Could you help me about this URL and why 403 ?

Note : my DNG installation is

Thank you.

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