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Feeds adjustments are gone after Eclipse RTC client restart

Michal Sipos (11) | asked Jan 04, 4:58 a.m.

 Hi all,

I am using the Feeds to subscribe to events from RTC server. After I perform any changes to the Feeds area, e.g.

- rename a feed subscription
- delete a feed subscription
- create a new subscription, e.g. to subscribe to changes to an RTC work items query,

all these changes are gone after I restart the Eclipse Client. What could be the cause for this?

Thank you!

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Ralph Schoon (60.5k33643) | answered Jan 06, 2:35 a.m.

I am not sure and there is not a lot of information in the question. Nevertheless..... As far as I know, such information would be stored in the Eclipse workspace. Eclipse stores settings in mementos in the .metadata folder in the Eclipse workspace. Maybe there is something wrong with the Eclipse workspace.

What you can try (other than contacting support):

1. Make sure there is no issue with the Eclipse client installation. There are several ways to install the RTC Eclipse client. You can install a vanilla version that is pre-packaged with IBM Java. This is the best tested combination. Try to install it, in case you install EWM into an existing Eclipse. See if that makes a difference with the existing workspace.
2. Create a new workspace, preferably with the vanilla version of EWM and see if that works better.

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