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[RQM] Need to update custom attribute in RQM Test Case using RQM Excel Importer

Chandan M B (1134082) | asked Oct 07 '21, 12:41 p.m.


  I am trying to import doors test case excel into RQM using RQM Excel Importer. First time it works fine.
  Also updates custom Doors ID attribute in Test Case
  Whenever there is a change in Doors, excel export is performed from Doors Classic. To update the Test case in RQM there is no reference ID, only mapping field is Doors ID. Does anybody knows whether it updates or creates new test case ?
Also any leeds to update the test case would be appreciated


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Parameswaran V (10018) | answered Oct 25 '21, 6:51 a.m.

 hi Chandan, 

Custom Attribute - Needs to be handled very differently, from Categories.

In each project area, Custom Attribute has its own UUID. So, you need to be carefull. 
In general, there is no common way that you can use to update the Custom Attribute across all projects.

There are few good articles on this context

The essence is:
1. Fetch the UID of the Custom Attribute on a Project.
2. Use that UID as part of excel import for that project, there after.


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Don Yang (7.7k21114139) | answered Nov 04 '21, 7:15 p.m.
Hi, Chandan

If Doors exported excel has the same file name and worksheet name, using RQMExcelImporter, it should update the previous test case you imported into RQM. If there is any changes, I would suggest to specify External ID in the .config file when exporting into RQM, for example, testcase.XLSArtifactID = D (column D is 'Doors ID' if it is a constant or any unique id you can use next time to update the same TestCase), more details on XLSArtifactID keyword is here:

I hope this helps


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