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QM oauth authorize url missing oauth_verifier

Steven Wallace (337) | asked Sep 09 '21, 10:22 a.m.
When attempting to authenticate using oauth a oauth_verifier is not returned. I place the authorization url "https://<jazzserver>/qm/oauth-authorize?oauth_token=7ff704093ef44afeccef5832718ee9e2" in FireFox, authenticate and get the message saying it was successful "You have allowed the server "<app>" to collaborate with the server "https://<jazz server>/qm/" using the "<username>" user ID." but the oauth_verifier isn't returned. This happens regardless of if I use FireFox to authenticate or the python request library. Anyone know what I might be missing?

-- Steve

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Steven Wallace (337) | answered Sep 27 '21, 3:47 p.m.
Answering my own question here.

A oauth_verifier is only returned if you provide a callback uri.

-- Steve

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