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How to import ReqIF file with latest data to same DOORS module again ?

Krishna K (138) | asked Apr 08 '21, 1:57 a.m.

I have created Module-A from .reqifz file received from customer which has been created with DOORS inbuilt option(Project -> Properties -> ReqIf Definitions). Now, customer has made some changes to module and have shared .reqifz file again, when I try to import latest .reqifz file to Module-A, I am not able to do it in same Module-A.

At the time of import DOORS is asking for 'New Import Folder' and it is creating given folder and new module inside folder. But, I want to import latest .reqifz to previously created module i.e. Module-A only.

Can anyone please guide me on how to import latest reqifz to existing module rather than creating new module.

P.S. I am using DOORS inbuilt Reqif funstionality, not DOORS eXchange Add-on.

Thank you!

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Rakesh S (39113) | answered Jan 15, 2:03 a.m.
Hi Krishna,

Below is the related Documentation:

Hope this helps!

Rakesh S

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Sunil Kumar (27111) | answered Dec 20 '23, 3:43 a.m.

 Once you imported the reqif, of course it ask you to create a new folder and the module will be created there, but then you can go the same Reqif Definition, and click on the Imports button, there you will get an option to merge the latest changes which got from the customer to the previously imported module.

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