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DOORS GCM vs non-GCM Inter Project Linking

Sean F (1.3k22788) | asked Mar 17 '21, 8:01 a.m.

We are looking at setting up a single DOORS database for a project which involves the collaboration of several organisations contributing to various aspects of a single system. Each organisation needs privacy from the others.

The idea is that we will set DN up with a core Project Area for the Prime plus different PAs for each organisation. Plus some extra PAs which will have shared access for interface design aspects between organisations.

The question is whether it is better to do this with or without GCM enabled.

Since the PAs are all linked and part of a single system, that might suggest that GCM enablement might be appropriate.

However, we can generate all the traceability reports we need to generate using simple non-GCM inter-project linking.

Is there any benefit to be gained from GCM enablement in this scenario?

If we start off in non-GCM enabled and then decide later that GCM enablement is beneficial then can we turn on GCM and then aggregate the various projects into a single GC configuration?

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