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Anyone have any awesome examples of product configuration and variants (ideally non software) using GCM?

Glyn Costello (12920) | asked Feb 15 '21, 4:48 p.m.

 Please share your experiences. 

How granular did you go with components? How did you manage project areas as containers for components for RM and RQM? 

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Matt Muller (58312966) | answered Feb 16 '21, 6:02 a.m.

Hi Gyln,

The first thing to consider is your Project/Products and strategy for development.
If you are thinking of GCM and use traditional RM = Project Areas then you need to switch to product line thinking.
So your normal "one Project per DNG Project area" changes:

If you take a Standard Product:  This Standard Product can split into a Variant for Market, derivative or customer specification they become branches of the stream which can then be collated under a Global Configuration.

So you may have a set of Standard Products in one DNG Project (and components) or a set of Systems in DNG Projects (and Component) and another for Standards

You can then join these in a Global Configuration and add in "Rqmts + Work Items and Code + Testing"

You would need to consider the business and objectives and the re-use;

Did you look at the following 

If you look in "Defining your component strategy" this gives some examples.

I spent a while reviewing and investigating the options for an Automotive Client and you have some really great benefits for re-use, change control, version and baseline management.  But you MUST switch to LQE for reporting.

Matt Muller

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Boris Vivienne (11) | answered Mar 17 '21, 6:37 a.m.

Components are in technology preview, so enabling their use changes the behavior of the RM application. If you attempt operations that are not in the following list, you might see unexpected results or, in extreme cases, lose data. Remember that components are not supported in a production environment.

Version 6.0.3 milestone 5 supports the following actions:
Configuration management
Create streams and baselines
Create a global configuration and add a configuration of a component from the RM and QM applications
Work in the RM and QM applications in the context of a global configuration
Compare configurations
Create, work in, and deliver change sets, except automatic delivery with dominant attributes selected when change sets conflict with target configurations.

You can find more here:

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