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Error using work item templates?

Carlos Isacovich (59111) | asked Feb 12 '21, 8:21 a.m.

I created several work items and defined several work item templates using different sets of those work items. There is no problem creating those work items manually, or copying them, but trying to use any of the work item templates I get the error “Value unassigned cannot be assigned to attribute "ChangeRequest:filedAgainst".

None of those work items used to create the templates has any value in the filedAgainst attribute, but they were created without problems.

I’m using RTC 6.0.2, with WAS 8.5 and DB2 10.5.

Any suggestion?

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Carlos Isacovich (59111) | answered Feb 21 '21, 9:24 a.m.

I finally found the problem, and perhaps some other people face the same one, so I explain it here.

  1. The process sets attribute “Etapa” as mandatory for some work items types.
  2.  This attribute is an enumeration, that has no default value (the default value is “unassigned”)
  3. The attribute “Etapa” is customized including it in a Value Set as depending on another enumeration “Estados”
  4. There is another attribute in work items involved, named “Estado iniciativa” whose type is the “Estados” enumeration. This other attribute is not set as mandatory.
So, it seems that the problem arose because the process template cannot manage how to set the “Etapa” as mandatory because it depends on another attribute which is not set.

I solved the problem modifying the condition, setting “Etapa” and “Estado iniciativa” as mandatory for all the states except the New one.

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