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Double-click action for custom domains

Andrew Freed (21311114) | asked Nov 19 '09, 10:30 a.m.
I have implemented a custom domain using the great article Contributing to the Team Artifacts view. Now I would like to add a double click action on the elements contributed to this new domain. Ideally, this action would also be bolded in the context menu but that is not required.

The code below is how I might try to implement this, but it is not using public APIs. How can I go about registering a DoubleClickListener to the custom domain?

public void configure(IWorkbenchPart part, Category category,
IConnectedProjectAreaRegistry registry) {

super.configure(part, category, registry);
//This is how I would add a double-click listener... but this class is restricted access
if(part instanceof TeamArtifactsNavigator) {
((TeamArtifactsNavigator) part).getTreeViewer().addDoubleClickListener(...);

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Andrew Freed (21311114) | answered Dec 01 '09, 3:32 p.m.
The following code can be used in your Domain, if you define an open action for your type of item. No need to add a double-click listener.

public boolean open(IWorkbenchPartSite site, IStructuredSelection selection) {
if(selection != null && selection.getFirstElement() instanceof MyItemToOpen) {

return true;

return, selection);

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