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How to export DOORS NG module view as CSV/XLSX via REST-API?

Benjamin Röhl (1671324) | asked Sep 25 '20, 10:02 a.m.

We would like to export a DOORS NG module view simply via a REST-API call (or more calls if necessary).

We are aware of the Rational Publishing Engine, but this requires another client software installation.

Does anybody know how an REST-API endpoint to do that?

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Daniel Moul (4.9k1318) | answered Sep 29 '20, 4:56 p.m.

 Some ideas...

1. The DOORS Next web client uses REST calls to the server. Using your browser debugger you could look at the call the export in CSV/XLSX makes when you make that action in the UI. It may be too complicated a call for you to interpret/understand, and it would be using non-public APIs.

2. You could use OSLC-RM to ask for the content of a module. It represents the information as an OSLC RM collection (ie not ordered, without hierarchy).

3. If you use the Jazz Reporting Report Builder you can use the "Export to Excel" REST call programmatically, making use of an existing Report Builder report to filter the data and name the data columns. This also presents an OSLC RM collection (or portion thereof, based on your filters)

In any of these cases you will need to deal with authentication from your client.

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