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Exception while executing OSLC query on RQM : unsupported predicate: rqm_qm:isCurrent

Jayesh Gaikar (59215) | asked Sep 01 '20, 6:10 p.m.

I want to find all latest test Results with Details of Test case, Test execution Records for a  given Test plan.
I'm trying to query Test results with OSLC APIs. Following are the filters in WHERE clause
  - oslc_qm:reportsOnTestPlan=<ResourceURL>
  - rqm_qm:isCurrent=true

I'm able to fetch list of Test Results without second filter (rqm_qm:isCurrent) but But it is always failing if i include second filter with   Error Occurred - Bad Request 400
Following is the actual Exception in RQM.logs unsupported predicate: rqm_qm:isCurrent=true at at at
Caused by: unsupported predicate: rqm_qm:isCurrent=true at at at at at ... 61 more

Is that mean rqm_qm:isCurrent not supported in where clause ?
If so may i know alternative way of fetching this results? Can i fetch latest Test Results of every Test case in given Test plans by using Reportable REST API ?

Any helps and examples would be great help...
Thanks in advance!

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Jaime de Alba (211) | answered Sep 18 '20, 3:41 p.m.

For Test Results there is no such "rqm_qm:isCurrent", the only one supported that is similiar is "rqm_qm:isCurrentForBuild"

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