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Can all changes to multiple test scripts be viewed in report form?

Mitch Slater (156) | asked Aug 13 '20, 4:10 p.m.

 Our team is pretty new to RQM, but we are trying to find a way to create some kind of searchable report that shows when changes to test scripts occurred, as well as who submitted the changes. We know we can view this information in each test script's individual page, but a way to get a 'big picture' view of the work being done by our team on ANY test scripts would be extremely useful. I guess it could even be considered a log of test script revisions.

As I mentioned, we're pretty new with the product and are trying to get a handle on all its capabilities. Thank you for any assistance!

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Jaime de Alba (211) | answered Aug 14 '20, 4:35 p.m.

 There is no such a report nowadays but if you happen to have Configuration Management enabled and keep baselines of your previous iteractions maybe you can perform a "compare configuration" between your current configuration stream and the baseline. It should give you a list of all changes found grouped by artifact type. By click a particar artifact you will see what changes have been done in the time period between the baseline creation and the lates change in your configuration stream.

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