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Retrieval of Test Automation service catalog document

anuraag kb (917) | asked Aug 06 '20, 5:15 a.m.
As per the Test Automation service catalog document can be retrieved from https://<ETM-URL>/qm/oslc_auto_test/catalog. We understand that for successful GET request, LtapToken2 cookie should be present in the request header. 

Is there an API that returns the LtapToken on passing the necessary information? Is LtapToken based authorization consistent irrespective of the servers or databases used?

[Our requirement is to retrieve the Project areas list and populate it to a dropdown list. As per the project areas can be fetched from the Test Automation service catalog document.]

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Fabian Lomeli (1013) | answered Aug 07 '20, 7:21 p.m.
Hello Anuraag,
You need to get that information once you have authenticated.  All you need can be found here:

Look for j_security_check

Hope this helps.


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