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Accumulated time for planned work item is not cascaded from execution workitem for "Contributes To → Tracks" link type in RTC Plan.

priyanka jogdand (151) | asked Jun 30, 1:15 a.m.

Hi Team,
I have requirement to use "Contributes To → Tracks" link type between Planning item and execution item for view purpose.
Here, Changer Request is my Planning Workitem and Task Workitem is a my execution workitem.
Ideally Change Request's Accumulated time should be cascaded from  the accumulated time of all the Task WI linked under it as any link type. (Same functionality is working fine for parent child work item relation between planned and execution workitem) 
But when I add "Contributes To → Tracks" link type between Planning item and execution item then Accumulated time for Planned WI is not coming appropriate.
I have requirement for "Contributes To → Tracks" link type between planned and execution WI and now facing major issue which is necessary for Planning purpose.

Here CR2 is planning item and M_2 and T_2 are execution item.
Description:- I have uploaded a sample plan image for more understanding , in which CR2 WI is linked to M_2 WI using "Tracks" link type while M_2 is link to T_2 using "Tracks" link type. The accumulated date time of T_2 is not cascaded to M_2 and CR2 WI. i.e CR2 WI and M_2 WI accumulated date should have been same as T_2 in this case.

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