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system clock jts

Ankit Vashistha (125620) | asked May 29 '20, 2:01 a.m.
edited Jun 02 '20, 12:29 a.m.

Does system clock syncing in jts/admin has to do any thing with license server and other application like ccm, rm, and qm because every time when i re-run the diagnostics for system clock, all my errors get resolved.

I saw an error in jts admin, with respect to floating license server not reachable and application context root not found in jts in ccm,rm,qm admin.
I saw one more error in jts/admin regarding system clock syncing of system clock with ntp.

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Don Yang (7.5k2195130) | answered Jun 04 '20, 8:01 p.m.
Hi, Ankit

If you don't configure ntp, you would see the error in jts/admin regarding system clock syncing of system clock with ntp.
But this does not explain why you re-run the diagnostics, all errors got resolved. If your system is a distributed system, then jts system clock needs to be synced with other application systems such as ccm, rm, qm, license server etc.
In that case, system clock matters, and it would be easier to sync all systems with ntp so that the system clock can be synced all the time.
If the apps are not distributed, the diagnostics errors could be caused by something else, jts.log may tell more clues.

Ankit Vashistha commented Jan 06 '21, 6:29 a.m.

Yes we do have a distributed system and we have setup one ntpserver as well. and server application on bootup first synchronize the time from ntp server before executing the server.startup script. Somehow the ntp sync entry in crontab got deleted which resulted in dis-synchronization of time in distributes server application resulting in multiple errors in all applications. However after going through all the log files, and error details displayed it was hard to find out that problem is just of time sync.

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