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Extract JRS Report using REST calls

Somu l (2052549) | asked Mar 25, 9:54 a.m.
After running the JRS report, following URL is launched & JRS output table appears.

https://<<host:port>>/rs/reports#view=3425&filterValues={"version":"2.0","values":{"ProjectIds":["https://<<host:port>>/rm/process/project-areas/_7j71cL_aEem3n_1hwN7fNQ"],"ignore":["https://<<host:port>>/rm/cm/component/_7pttUL_aEem3n_1hwN7fNQ"],"oslc_config.context":["https://<<host:port>>/gc/configuration/1368"],"parmVar_0":["Test data"],"parmVar_1":["Test data 1"]}}

How to launch this report using REST calls. I want to print the output of this report in a 3rd party application. How to get the table xml using RESTClient of firefox browser.  Is there any JRS Reportable REST API.

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Somu l (2052549) | answered Mar 25, 12:02 p.m.
edited Mar 25, 9:58 p.m.

Export the report to Excel; Excel has the REST Query URI. Result xml matches the sparql query syntax.

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