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RTC show as a change (unresolved changes) even there is no change in the content of file

sahitya venkatayogi (111) | asked Feb 17 '20, 11:49 p.m.

 Hello Team 

I have a problem here 

i am trying to integrate few changes from 3rd party to my existing repository in RTC
technically few of the files which i am trying to integrate has no changes but rtc show those files as changes 
somehow i understood that files which i am going to integrate has file eol LF in unix and my repository has eol LF in windows 
and i resolved by changing settings in the rtc , still it resolved in comparison editor to not to show as a change only but it still showing as a change in unresolved change 
I don't want to open each file to see  the change set and check in the changes later on for those file really changed

Ralph Schoon commented Feb 19 '20, 3:34 a.m.

For all I can tell, if the line ending in all files have been changed, that is a change in the content to the tool. I don't know at the moment how to help other than to suggest to load and use the same encoding.

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sahitya venkatayogi (111) | answered Feb 19 '20, 11:05 a.m.

 @ralph schoon 

I understand , RTC takes it as a change but there are thousand of files that has to be integrated based on the real change in the content of the file , if i keep checking all the files to determine its line change or actual content change that takes huge time 
please specify any method if possible not necessary to be with in rtc that changes som many files to line ending in windows style all at once 

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