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RQm test keyword scripts execution with test case?

Norman Dignard (356694176) | asked Jan 14 '20, 10:49 a.m.

One of our users is questioning RQM functionality. we are currently running JAZZ CLM 605 ifix 14

Below is their request:
A basic requirement when testing scripts is the ability to run a script (e.g. from the test script page) WITHOUT an association to a test case.

I use a building block approach to testing.  The first step is to build standard "boilerplate" scripts (as Jazz keywords) that use "built-in* and user defined execution variables.  These "boilerpate" scripts are then invoked from multiple "real-world test" scripts. A complicating factor is that some keywords scripts will invoke (i.e. "nest") other keyword scripts..
Each "Keyword" script must be individually tested BEFORE including them in ANY script that tests real world requirements..    Currently the only (obvious) way to test such keyword scripts is to create otherwise pointless FAKE test cases.just to test these scripts.

As workaround attempt, tried creating a dummy test CASE to hold ALL of the "boilerplate" scripts.  However, as reported earlier today, this approach DOES NOT work when you need to test the second (and subsequent?) scripts in the test case.

Does RQM support this?

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Norman Dignard (356694176) | answered Feb 05 '20, 10:58 a.m.

 Raised RFE 139969 for this.

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Subhajit Bhuiya (6222) | answered Jan 23 '20, 1:27 a.m.

 In RQM, we run a test case execution record. Test case execution record must have a test case and test case optionally has a test script. Right now, we can not directly run a test script without associating it with a test case. Please file an enhancement for it.

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