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QM-how to track relationship between originated work item and its newly created test case

Thao Nguyen (37334) | asked Jan 13 '20, 1:14 a.m.
edited Jan 13 '20, 1:14 a.m.


There is one work item that we recognize that we need to write a test case for it. It comes to the need how I can see the relationship between test case and its originated work item in Quality Management (QM), no need to go into details of each test case. In this case, we do not have requirement for test scenario mentioned this work item, also not my scope in this question

Our current approach is from work item in Jazz CCM (Change and Configuration Management), we create link "Related Test Case" to newly create test case. However, this work item id only appears (right pane, section "Related Change Request") when I click into this new test case. I intend to see work item id as one column in whole list of all test cases, so i can easily see which are test cases were written based on work items 

I see in QM Test Case view there is one column called "Test Development Items" which can link to any work item types in Jazz CCM. However, this column name is not visible as a column in Jazz CCM query, so we can only perform link from Jazz QM if we use this attribute (Test Development Items), not from Jazz CCM, look not convenient much

Do you have suggestion how we can perform above need: indicate originated work item for related test case from both QM and CCM side?

P/S: I use QM 6.0.6

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Matthieu Leroux (6571614) | answered Jan 13 '20, 3:21 a.m.
Hello Thao,

this is correct, when the link type "related test case" is created on the CCM side, it is only visible on the CCM side.
in order to see the link on both sides, you would need to associate a quality task to the test case (in the test case when you associate a quality task, this will create a link of type "related test case" in the related workitem)

then you can create  a query in CCM to view the relationship between the test case and workitem or you could create a report in Report Builder (make sure it is saved as public) and then add the report to you dashboard.

otherwise, as you mentioned, you could use a "tested by test case" link type.
you can create this relationship from CCM (add tested by test case) and from QM (as a development item)

then you can see the relationship in QM by adding the column tests development item to the browse test case view, and in CCM by adding a column to your query for the link type "tested by test case"

I hope that helps.
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Thao Nguyen (37334) | answered Jan 13 '20, 9:23 p.m.

 Thank you Mathieu for your advice, look relationship "Tested By Test Case on CCM and "Test Development Items" on QM is what I am looking for. 

One point I see that "Test Development Items" column in Test Case view does not have filter. Maybe we can have filter as column "Validates Requirements". With filter, we know how many test cases are written based on CCM work item

In addition, I am not really sure differences between CCM links: Related Test Case and Tested By Test Case. 
From what i know as marked as answer of this thread, my understanding is:
- Tested By Test Case: link to QM test case which specifically addresses scenario mentioned for CCM work item
    --> However, seem CCM allows linking to many test cases with type "Test By Test Case"

- Related Test Case link type: this CCM work item is not main purpose of related QM test case. This CCM work item just a small (not main functional) check of related QM test case. However, scenario in this CCM work item can be main purpose of other test case, so this work item can be linked as "Test By Test Case" to other QM test case
     --> CCM allows multiple link with "Related Test Case" type too

Could you share your advice?

Matthieu Leroux commented Jan 14 '20, 7:24 a.m.
Hello Thao,

I am not sure what you mean with regards to the filter on the column, I can see the following filter options for Develoment item column:  "Any", "Has development item", "Does Not Have Development Item".

as the relationships meaning are concerned, I would say that "tested by test case" would be used when you have a test case that will describe the test needed for a defect or story (similar to the "validated by" relashionship with a requirement.)
I would consider this relationship as many to many since a test case could cover multiple defect and a defect could be tested by multiple test cases.

where "related test case"  could be for other types of relationship, one example is a quality task.

I hope that clarified how you can use those link types.


Thao Nguyen commented Jan 14 '20, 11:56 p.m.

Many thanks Matthieu for your precious help

For filter on column "Tests Development Items", I used QM 6.0.6 with Global Cofiguration (GC) enabled. I do not see any filter. However, with one system with GC disabled, it has filter option as you mentioned. Look something is incorrect on my system with GC enabled

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