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Hiding Workflow state based on dropdown value

AMEYA KALE (176) | asked Jan 07 '20, 7:08 a.m.
Below task is related to RTC/CCM

     I have created two workflow states in one workitem. Workflow 1 contains 4 states and Workflow 2 contains 5 states.Based on a custom attribute which is of type enumeration contains 2 values issue and defect. If I select issue then I need to hide workflow 2 and if I select defect ,then I need to hide workflow 1. Is there a provision to perform the above mentioned task?

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Matt Muller (59813674) | answered Jan 07 '20, 11:57 a.m.
Your question is slightly confusing?  normally based on what you are saying is that you have two separate work items.
1. Defect Work Item > With a defect Workflow
2. Issue Work Item > With an Issue Workflow
This helps with many aspects in RTC > such as reporting,  management, attribute selection etc.

You do specify that you have workflow 1 and workflow 2?  I don't think you want to use an Enumeration for this but the Work Item Type.

AMEYA KALE commented Jan 08 '20, 1:13 a.m. | edited Jan 08 '20, 1:14 a.m.

Sorry for the confusion. I will explicate the problem in detail. There's only one workitem which is of custom type.In the workitem, there will be many custom attributes in which one of them will be of type enumeration. This enumeration type attribute will contain 2 values. It need not be necessarily issue or defect . For eg value_1 and value_2 will be populated in the dropdown. Further with editor presentation, I added one more workflow.Hence after adding it, I am able to see 2 workflows on the web UI. Now my question is if I select value_1 from dropdown,then is it possible to hide one of the workflows and viceversa if  value_2 is selected.

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Lochana R (233) | answered Jan 09 '20, 4:49 a.m.


First of all you cannot assign two work flows to one work item.

But, you can have it in another way.
1) Create two customized attributes,
for example;
Workflow(Attribute) of enum type with values like WF_1 and WF_2.
Another called Value(Attribute) of enum type with values like 1 and 2.

After creating, you have to create dependencies between both attributes and map the values like, when you select 1 it should automatically show WF_1 and if you select 2 automatically it should show WF_2(Mapping should be proper).

Then add those two attributes to the work item.

You can achieve dependencies by (Attribute customization->value sets-> right click->add->name->dependent enumerations), then you can select the source and dependent attributes and map the values.

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