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create ALM workitem from C# application

preethi b (112) | asked Nov 18 '19, 5:24 a.m.
The Aim is to create the ALM ticket automatically   RTC,
i have created web pages using C# language using MVC architecture, where the user enters the data in the web page  , validation of the data is also included,

For creating the ALM ticket in RTC, i am using cURL tool , cURL is a tool where the data is transferred using command line.
i am finding difficult in creating the workitem using ALM and finding authentication problem, can anyone please help me to create the workitem using cURL

it wil be greatfull and thankfull if anyone could help in resolving in creating the work item

Best regards

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Cesar de Anda Sanabria (511) | answered Mar 06 '20, 5:14 p.m.

this wiki will help you out with that.

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