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How to calculate Average of Percentage

Emerson de Macedo (11) | asked Sep 13 '19, 5:04 a.m.
Hello guys,

I am trying to calculate an index %Planned work/Actual work by person in a specific sprint.
I already have the information of planned work (hours) and actual work (hour) and just dividing Plan/Actual gives me this index per task.
The problem is when I try to explain it in a graph, because instead of give me an average of this percentage, it has summing up those data.
For example, if I have 3 items, 50%, 100% and 200% efficiency respectively, it should give me 116% average value, but instead it has given me 350%.

I'm trying to simple have it by person, like:
Person      Value (AVG)
Person 1     50%
Person 2     116%
Person 3      137%

This would be great :) Thanks

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