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How to stop the build failing due to timing out

Michael Mazibuko (213) | asked Aug 29 '19, 4:43 a.m.

I am running a build which gets stuck on the "Fetch" build activity. This step really takes time and fails with the errror:

TMO Timeout after +300 seconds.
ENV EnvDumpForFailure +999

The Fetch build activity takes more than 5 minutes then the build fails. 

I must say that this did not happen before. I am unsure of the cause but I added more components with more files in the stream which I suspect could be causing the problem.

Krzysztof Kaźmierczyk commented Sep 04 '19, 6:52 a.m.
Hi Michael,
Where do you see error? Can you paste it entire log file?

Michael Mazibuko commented Sep 04 '19, 7:34 a.m.


This is on the build log file after requesting a build. Unfortunately I don't have the liberty to upload the full log but I recently found out through assistance from IBM support that the default timeout value is set to 5 minutes and increasing to 10 fixes the problem. But this means I have to wait for 10 minutes or more for my build. 

The build fetch activity is the one that is take time.

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Michael Mazibuko (213) | answered Sep 10 '19, 8:02 a.m.

Running a build with load option "Load workspace to the load directory at the beginning of the build" unchecked resolves this issue. If you require this option to be enabled then increasing the build timeout duration will work.

Kenny Smith commented Sep 10 '19, 8:14 a.m.

 This should reduce the build time by as much as 80%. Had a similar issue at another client a couple years ago. They had a MASSIVE stream of code. 

Michael Mazibuko commented Sep 10 '19, 8:44 a.m.

 Indeed. Had a build that was running for about 10 minutes was reduced to about 1 minute after the fix was applied.

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Kenny Smith (267412) | answered Sep 04 '19, 12:06 p.m.

 You can improve the fetch time by restricting which components are part of the build. If you have good segmentation on your architectural layers, then you should be able to isolate a build to just what is needed. What type of build is this? Java with Maven or ANT? z/OS dependency? 

Michael Mazibuko commented Sep 04 '19, 2:19 p.m.

z/OS dependency. I hear you, but that won't work with our current architecture since developers use the same build for the different components they work on. 

I thought of creating separate builds for the different components in the stream but we use promotion definitions that are used by custom work items which run a build for the next stream when changes are delivered to the next stream. This is ok because it's one stream one build. But with the introduction of other builds, then it's going to be messy. I hope this makes sense. 

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