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What DOORS NG functionality can utilize email to users?

Mary Miller (87231) | asked Jul 23 '19, 12:45 p.m.

Good day,

First, I am using DOORS NG 6.0.6.  We do NOT have Configuration enabled, and we do NOT have RTC.

I know DOORS NG can be setup for reviews, and (I think) comments.  I also know DOORS NG can allow Project Owners to send team invites.

That said, someone believes that DOORS NG can be set up to send an in the following situations, and I have not been able to independently verify their belief:

  • Can DOORS NG send an email to users when the requirement "status" transitions to another state?
  • Can DOORS NG send an email to users when a linked requirement changes?
I personally think this would need to be scripted, but I figured I find out how we would actually need to progress.  If there is a link to an article or video addressing the two bullet points, that would be great.



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Sean F (1.3k246157) | answered Jul 24 '19, 4:08 a.m.

Hi Mary,

The only way to get emails for these 2 events would be through customisation.

But even then it would be more challenging than the average extension since it would essentially require a DOORS classic DXL trigger type behaviour which hooks into standard interface events.

Here are a couple of resources on developing RM extensions

I have developed several extensions for automating things such as calculating values (similar to DOORS classic layout DXL), automating the sycnhronisation of Primary Text and name attributes (since they can get out of sync), fetching data from the ends of links etc.

I found this work much more challenging than comparable DXL since RM Extensions rely on asynchronous multithreaded JavaScript. If you are already a JavaScript developer you might find it more intuitive.

If DNG product management could make script development simpler it would go a long long way to enhancing the productivity and power of the tool.

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Mary Miller commented Jul 24 '19, 4:33 p.m.

 Okay, that is what I thought.  Someone was sure that DOORS NG had this functionality, and I figured I better verify this before re-iterating that we need to do some scripting to do this.  I would rather verify than assume I know and discover I am wrong later.

Thanks again!


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Sean F (1.3k246157) | answered Jul 23 '19, 2:34 p.m.
Hi Mary,

DNG can email you when you get invited to join a project or when someone comments on an artifact in a project you are a member of,

You can disable entire email notification feature from JTS settings

1) Go to https://[Server]/jts/admin with administrator access
2) Click 'Server' from around top left
3) Find E-mail Settings from left hand navigation
4) Change the value of 'Enable E-mail Notification' to false

You would need scripting to get DNG to send emails when requirements change state or for suspect link activity.

Mary Miller commented Jul 23 '19, 3:14 p.m. | edited Jul 23 '19, 3:15 p.m.


I would also like to know if DOORS NG can be setup to automatically email users while the requirement transitions from state to state in a workflow, and if DOORS NG will automatically email users if a linked requirement (example requirement links via satisfied by) changes. 

I think that would need to be scripted but I wanted to verify how that works.



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