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RDNG Training Seminars--Suggestions and Feedback

Carlos Gonsalez (374) | asked Dec 06 '18, 2:39 p.m.

For Rational DOORS Next Generation(RDNG), doing research on two things;

      Suggestions on RDNG training/seminars.
      Feedback on RDNG training/seminars
Goal: Beyond OTJ experiences, expand User/SysAdmin knowledge on RDNG v6.0.2
          and Jazz Reporting Service(JRS)/Report Builder.

Trainees: Software and Systems Engineers.

Research criteria provided:
    Topic:Rational DOORS Next Generation(RDNG)
         -RDNG Intro    - New & Advanced Users with/without SysAdm
         -RDNG Advanced - For New & Advanced Users
         -RDNG SysAdm   - For Those with SysAdm rights.
         -Report Builder    - For New & Advanced Users and those SysAdm rights.
         -Misc.         - Courses deemed critical for increased productivity.

    Synopsis:-Asking for this for every RDNG topics/courses cited above.

    Duration:-Receptive to 1-2 week firm is focused on seminars/courses whose
                     content rates high in Quality.

    Formats: -Preference given to:
                      Classroom(Local Hands-On)
                      Classroom(Travel Hands-On)

So far, I'll be re-contacting "Island Training" and IBM for information and/or suggestions.
As such, can anyone provide me with firms that offer RDNG courses/seminars
that satisfy the above criteria and any feedback on your experiences?


Huntsville, AL

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