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Can RQM read the Metalab test module output file?

Mohamed Samatar (13513) | asked Dec 06 '18, 11:10 a.m.

 I have matlab scripts that unit test my simulations and function blocks and I want RQM to be able to look at the generated file and determine if my test cases have passed. 

The output file looks this:
                               Name                                     Passed    Failed    Incomplete    Duration      Details   
    __________    __   

    'X20_test/PressureCompensation'                     true      false          false          14.419     [1×1 struct]
    'X20_test/FlowCompensation'                            true      false          false          1.4649     [1×1 struct]
    'X20_test/TorqueControl'                                    false      false         false          1.1424     [1×1 struct]

Each line is test script. first column is test script name.
Can RQM open the file and recognize the 2nd column value and the 4th column?

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abhishek gour (3362) | answered Dec 07 '18, 11:10 a.m.
Hi Mohamed,
Short answer to your question is No, RQM can not directly understand what is in your matlab output.

In order to have RQM executing matlab scripts and capturing results matlab needs to integrate with RQM via an execution adapter. See - for knowing more about adapter like command line adapter.

But currently RQM does not have any execution adapter for matlab. The adapter can be developed but it is longer route.

Another way without needing to develop an adapter for RQM-matlab is sort of 3 step approach. For that try to develop a tool to perform Reportable Rest API commands to --
1. Create one test cases each for one of your matlab script. Use RQM Rest APIs for that.
2. Execute test cases so you have test case result created.
3. Read result from your file for each of the matlab script and update RQM Test Case Result via Reportable Rest APIs.


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