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Using WTP 2.0 with Team Concert 1.0 beta 2

Lawrence Mandel (51121) | asked Jan 10 '08, 1:54 p.m.
I've heard from a few people that they want to use WTP 2.0 with Team Concert 1.0 beta 2 but haven't had any success with the install. I also saw an error after installing but was able to get WTP 2.0 + Team Concert 1.0 beta 2 running by removing a single plug-in. I thought I'd share my method in case others want to use these tool sets together.

After performing the installation of WTP 2.0 into Team Concert 1.0 beta 2 with Eclipse's Update Manager open jazz/client/eclipse/plugins. That folder now contains an org.apache.log4j_1.2.13.v200706111418.jar plug-in. Remove this plug-in either by deleting it or just changing the extension to .bak. Restart Team Concert and you should be good to go.

I've reported this problem and my workaround in defect 41005 .

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Gilad Saadoun (3661) | answered Jan 16 '08, 10:23 a.m.

I download the "web and JEE development" plugin from the "europa..." site, according to your instrucations at: and now i can work on RTC 1/0 beta 2 with the WTP tools.

I test working with the JAZZ client on our project and on the JAF's example (net.jazz.ajax.examples) and they both work perfect (without any change, such as the log4j delete)

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