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How do I resolve this denied permissions error?

Savannah Mathes (111) | asked Jun 14 '18, 3:04 p.m.
User has received the following error when attempting to save a task in RTC 6.0.4:
"Could not save work item. Permission would be denied after saving in the given (new) state."

All roles, permissions, licensing, and workflow actions are properly in place.

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Ralph Schoon (63.3k33646) | answered Jun 14 '18, 3:50 p.m.
edited Jun 14 '18, 3:54 p.m.
No, you need to fix the roles and permissions.

So far, in my 10years of experience, most of the users claiming the permissions are correct when permission errors occur did some kind of misconfiguration or did not understand how roles and permissions work.

You can, maybe, prove me wrong if you provide useful information supporting your claim.

Back to your question, make sure the user has a role that allows him to save the work item in the target state in the context the work item lives.

Savannah Mathes commented Jun 14 '18, 3:57 p.m.
Hi, Ralph!

I am certainly not bringing this question into the forum as a competition; therefore, I am not trying to prove anyone 'right' or 'wrong.' My purpose was to get some additional insight into this issue that my team and I have not yet discovered. :)

I'm happy to provide you with more information. My team and I spent approximately 3 hours today testing the roles and permissions. While we were able to re-create the issue, we were not able to successfully resolve the issue.

The user in question has the role of "Team Member" for this particular project. That role includes permissions for the following:
-Create a 'Task' work item
-Modify the work item's attributes (all)
-Modify the work item's links (all)
-Trigger a workflow action (all)

What other information do you need?

Ralph Schoon commented Jun 14 '18, 4:25 p.m. | edited Jun 14 '18, 4:36 p.m.
Way past my bed time now. I would suggest to digest
and I think there is something related to the workflow action that is selected: "Permission would be denied after saving in the given (new) state.". I have no idea what could cause that but I would suggest to look at modify work item trigger workflow. Maybe this is creating a work item and when the save succeeds in the "new" state there is a permission issue. This could be related to the default action to new when creating the item.

Note that the permission model is hierarchical and not trivial unfortunately. Roles at the project level might or might not help with saving stuff filed against a team area.

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Savannah Mathes (111) | answered Jun 21 '18, 2:44 p.m.
To update on this issue:
Users (in the same project area) are receiving this error when creating a new work item from a plan view. They are able to create work items from Work Items>Create Work Item>WI Type and link them to the plan.

We recently upgraded from Rational Tools 6.0.2 to 6.0.4. The users were able to create work items from the plan view prior to the upgrade. No permissions have been changed since the upgrade. I have compared all settings in the live environment to the settings in the test environment (same version of Rational Tools). Using a test account with the same permissions as users, I am able to successfully create a work item from the plan view in the test environment, but am not able to do so with the same account in the live environment.

Ralph Schoon commented Jun 22 '18, 2:02 a.m.

Please get in contact with support.

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